“Educational Heurism…” Unpacking the Genealogy of Mentorship.

Group project

Edited by Georgia Kotretsos for TTS


In these times of unprecedented crises, it is critical that we collectively develop a set of orienting coordinates, that help us navigate the uncertain and complex terrain of the inevitable transition.

We find in this time of instant messaging, endless pixels of information, sponsored research posts and labyrinthine conspiracy theories, Science (and even Truth) has failed to guide us away from the sheer face of extinction.

To address this we must develop heuristics that can function as a better set of truth criteria for our narratives – thought-forms that govern every aspect of our lives.

Narratives are not only sense making machines in the face of uncertainty, they are the very substance of our social reality; and so it is critical that we can understand what cultural evolution means.

Through our analysis and mapping of the phenomenon of narrative forms in this moment of transition, we have set out to trail the trope of educational heurism by leading peers and TTS friends who are directly connected to Greece in one way or another by actively caring about the growth of their peers and immediate communities.


THE ΤΕΛΟΣ SOCIETY | TTS is happy to present the insightful work and initiatives of the following leading agents of our much larger community:


ARCAthens (Aristides Logothetis); AFA (Stefanos Tsivopoulos & Chrisoula Lionis; GREECE IN USA (Sozita Goudouna); RUN ON ART (Efi Spyrou);  Vamvakou Revival (Haris Vasilakos); KAKTOS Project (Caroline May); AVTONOMI AKADIMIA (Joulia Strauss); SNEHTA (Augustus Veinoglou); space52 (Dionisis Christofilogiannis); The Temporary Academy of Arts (Elpida Karaba); peri-Technes (Tiffany Apostolou).  https://www.thetelossociety.com/educational-heurism



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