Art Prisma Gallery presents the painter Vassilis Karakatsanis.

& Piraeus Galleries are pleased to participate in Gallery Walk about
documenta 14, from 6 till 9 of April 2017…

Art Prisma Gallery in Piraeus presents the painter Vassilis
. The solo exhibition is entitled “Longitude & Latitude 24.5658 / 38.9068” and concerns an artistic recording of the island of Skyros
during 2016 & 2017.
the past fourteen years, Skyros, an island in the central Aegean, has been a
place where Vassilis Karakatsanis has spent long periods of time. The space he
inhabits there is small, like the majority of Skyrian houses, and constitutes a
lesson in austerity, in terms both of everyday life and the artist’s way of
need to capture on canvas the subject of “Skyros” had been on Karakatsanis’s
mind for many years. The way he chose to do this was to avoid describing things
at first sight, but rather to choose certain features of the space, folk
tradition and the people; all this formed the emotionally charged and
semantically sparse material of his landscape painting.
style displays here the consistency of previous years – On Wall (2002), Urban
Details (2011), Carpets 2 (2015). The result is the rendering of his intense
emotional and experiential relationship with this particular exploration. One
might describe it as a sifting through the plethora of features at his
disposal, before selecting the ones he has portrayed in a limited number of
Karakatsanis participate in 3rd World Art Dubai International Art Fair,
presented by The Art Cocoon Gallery, in Booth C33, from 12 till 15 April, in
Dubai, U.A.E. All ready he is presenting his work in “Your perspective” art
exhibition, in St. Regis – Le Patio Gallery, from 1 March till 29 April 2017,
in Dubai, U.A.E.
Art Prisma Gallery
Kountouriotou Street, Piraeus 18535
+30-2104296790, F:+30-2104296079
hours from 6 – 9 April during documenta 14:
Thursday 6/4: 12:00-21:00 | Friday 7/4: 12:00-23:00  
Saturday 8/4: 12:00-21:00
& Sunday 9/4: 12:00


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