# Rest@rt contemporary art platform continues the actions in Santorini with the art group painting exhibition “THINK OF ME”.

popular #Rest@rt Contemporary Art
Platform continues its actions on the islands and presents the art group
exhibition “THINK OF ME”
on Saturday, 26th of August at the Aqua Gallery in Pyrgos, Santorini.
concept and organization of the exhibition is undertaken by Dimitris Lazarou
and the curator is the art historian mr. Constantine Vapheiades.  The exhibition will be presented in a 24-hour
operation new art space created by Aqua Vista Hotels in the spacious lobby of
Art Hotel in Pyrgos, Santorini ( www.aquavistahotels.com
 // www.hotelsantorini.com ).
Wednesday, August 24th till  Wednesday,
October 4th, #Rest@rt presents paintings by 25 contemporary artists, most of
them made specifically for this exhibition…

art historian and painter mr. Constantine Vapheiades  notes:
OF ME implies a “Communion” indicating an equation with the dissimilarity of
others. It means also the agony of thinking “as other person”, beyond the lame
limits of subjectivity, as long as this fact guides us to a self-confinement of
Ego. In Art, especially in painting, the way of thinking “as other person” or
about other person presupposes the exceeding of Ego, the exceeding of a
self-reference of Ego. On the other hand it is known that Art concerns the
pursuit of the “dimensions” of our conscience and the stumping of the entities
performed and established by our mental reality.
works of art exhibited here testify in many ways the above mentioned dimension
of thinking. Most of them perform obviously parts of our existence. Some of
them indicate a kind of artistic “gesture” concerning the vanity of the
Extroversion. But, it is true the works of art exhibited in this Gallery sound
an “inexpressible scream” concerning a response in the universe of Silence.” 
participating artists are:
Antzoulidis Antonis // Apostolou Magda // Bloukou
Vassiliki // Bobori Angeliki // Boni Sofia // Chrysanthopoulos Aristidis //
Dragatsi Loukia // Dragatsi Frini // Dritsas George // Fili Maria // Ginaki
Anastasia // Kanellou Evita // Karalis Angela // Konstantinou Penny // Loukidi
Christina // Manavi Peny // Othoneou Fotini // Papadopoulou Sofia // Pastra
Maria // Petranaki Alexandra // Rapti Nadia // Stavrou Sofia // Sotirchos
Stathis // Touliatou Kerassia // Vapheiades Constantine
Saturday, August 26, at 21:00hrs
Constantine Vapheiades
Direction: Kelly Athanasiadou
– Organization: Dimitris Lazarou
Contemporary Art Platform, under the auspices of the Greek ministry of Tourism,
marks the art developments of the summer season 2017. It is one of the most
important actions that highlights the contemporary artistic potential of the
metal sculptor Kelly, Art Manager of “Aqua Vista Hotels” curates the platform,
presenting an excellent organization at the base of an art dialogue among
contemporary creators.
international touristic audience will watch Greek Contemporary Art developments
in their place of residence in art spaces like “Aqua Gallery” of “Art Hotel
Santorini”- Aqua Vista Hotels, “North Luxury Villas” of “Voreina”, both in
Pyrgos Santorini and “LINDOS BLU, Luxury Hotels & Suites” in
creates and unifies cultural spaces in Athens and the islands, presenting
contemporary group exhibitions of painting, sculpting, video art and
installations. This year 80 contemporary creators participate in multiple group
shows from April till October. The exhibitions are hosted in the specially
designed art spaces of luxury hotels and villas where global- intellectual
visitors will watch the Greek contemporary art developments in their place of
Kelly Athanasiadou, info@kellyathanasiadou.gr
Communication Manager:
Dimitris Lazarou, dimitriolazarou@gmail.com
#Rest@rt at  www.facebook.com